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Express Diagnostics is one of the most technologically advanced Diagnostic Service Provider. It runs various diagnostic facilities at strategic locations. It helps in establishing customized Diagnostic Centers through Franchiese Model. The Company is pioneer in providing Portable Diagnostic Solutions at doorstep. Express Diagnostics is powered by a state of the art e-health Portal (www.medicodb.com). This Portal is Patient Centric Heathcare Management System. Entire medical and non-medical data generated during the different stages of medical procedures are automatically linked to the Patient which can be accessed in controlled environment.

The Company has designed and implemented Multi Specialty Diagnostic Center on Telemedicine Platform. The entire Center is run in paperless environment. The digital images, loops and reports generated from medical equipments are automatically linked to Patient’s EMR and the Specialists give their opinion from a Central Reporting Center (CRC) operated by us. ExpressECG is a Telemedicine module being run by us, wherein the ECG is done on-site at various remote locations and its 24x7 reporting is being done from CRC. More than hundred thousand ECG has been done in urban and rural areas since 2010. We are proud of saving thousands of life by timely diagnosis of Cardiac Emergency during First Golden Hours.

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