Teamwork is our strenght...

Dr. Deepak Vora

Dr Deepak Vora is the Managing Director of Hospisoft providing entrepreneurial and medical guidance. Dr Vora is a practicing MD (Physician) having deep interest and experience in using healthcare software technology to solve some of the toughest medical problems. Years before mobile technology became rampant, he had launched a true telemedicine Cardiac Emergency Care services under the name of ExpressECG ( Lyfe dot care continues to benefit from his medical guidance and technology knowledge while adding features/services that truly benefits the healthcare community by leveraging the latest technology.

Mr. Nainesh Purohit

Mr. Nainesh Purohit, Chief Technology Officer of Hospisoft , is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of over 25 years of experience in Information Technology field. After completing Masters in Computer Science in 1994, he successfully incubated two companies, one in healthcare and the other in heavy-duty machinery industry. His significant contribution, a true blend of healthcare industry domain knowledge and IT expertise, is clearly showcased in the versatility of lyfe dot care products & services. Under his guidance and vision, lyfe dot care platform technology is continually upgraded while engaging with prospects and clients and delivering the products and services.

Shilpi Tekriwal

Shilpi Tekriwal, Chief Marketing Officer/ marketing consultant of Hospisoft, is an MBA with 12 years of experience in setting up market for Health Insurance Management for both the Indian and UK based companies. She is the recipient of honors like "Women of Substance" from a leading Insurance Company. She firmly believes that the key to designing successful businesses is about identifying the right market gap, developing breakthrough products/services and creating a sustainable business model around it. She is the customer voice built into lyfe dot care platform products and services. Under her guidance, Hospisoft is creating and expanding market into new channels and geography.

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The quality has really been as high as we ever could hope for...
Dr. Pankaj Shah
Sanjivani Health and Relief Committee
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

I should say how pleased we are with this collaboration and that your group is now a part of our practice, because we know our patients will continue to receive first-rate care...
Dr. Hasmukhbhai Soni
Indian Red Cross Society
Himmatnagar, Gujarat, India.