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We work on Open ended reliable and scalable e-health portal solution with cost-effective and device independent technology. Using Open Source technology for development of portal solution, we fully eliminated licensing burden of system, database and application to our clients

Advantages of Our e-health platform:
Browser based work flow system
Interface capability to integrate almost all diagnostic equipments
Video-conferencing system for Tele-consultation in secured environment
It can be accessed at any time, from any location & by any authorized person
Import/Export of Patient Records in any file formats (Audio, Video, Text and Images)
Facility to select available specialist of Higher Center for Tele-consultation at Patient Node
Reports, Recommendation and e-prescription generated at Higher Center can be viewed at Patient Node
Self upload of Medical Records including Images/Loops by Patient
Facility to access medical history on Patient Timeline to compare with current clinical conditions
Accessibility of patient data based on Authorization by Patient
Immutability of Authenticated Health Records
Facility for Redundant Server at different geographical locations for Disaster Management
Accessible on any device like; Computer, Notebook, Tablets, Smart Phones etc.
Scalable and Open Ended Architecture
Can be configured for different layers of organization
User defined service configuration
Easy to interface various medical devices
DICOM & HL7 interfacing standards
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Corporate Office:
Express Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
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