Telemedicine Solution
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Telemedicine Solution on MedicoDB Platform:

Telemedicine is a platform bringing the Specialists, Physicians, Para-Medical staff, Nurses and Patients together with a seamless exchange of Medical Data and Specialist advice needed amongst the group for an instant and better Health Care.

We are a fast emerging telemedicine solution provider capable of connecting private & government Specialty Hospitals to remote healthcare centers on spoke & hub model for providing the telemedicine services. We offer setting up a telemedicine network which connects the Tertiary hospitals with the sub centers like District Hospitals, CHCs and PHCs in the state. The system creates a virtual pool of specialist doctors who provide medical advice to the patients visiting CHCs and PHCs, thus bridging the gap of doctor to patient ratio.

Features of MedicoDB e-health Platform

Following are the modules & services covered under Tele-health system of MedicoDB Platform:

A. Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Powerful and Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record plays significant role as it provides all necessary details of patient, which helps in reaching to the accurate diagnosis of disease in fastest possible way with highest precision. This EMR is uniquely built to be “Patient Centric”. All data related to one patient is compiled on timeline in one file irrespective of medical facility it is generated from.

Patient Demographics Patient Demographics contains essential information about the patient. Here user can enter all demographics information about a patient i.e. Name, Age, Sex, Address etc.
Patient History Patient history is available on standard episode method & on timeline method.
Patient History covers:
History of Present Illness (HPI)
Past Illness
Family History
Personal History
Treatment Details
Lifestyle, Diet etc.
Vital Records
Systemic Examination
Uploading of Previous Medical Records This module facilitates uploading of different scanned reports & Images of investigation performed in past. Video/Loop of different studies recorded on any digital media can also be uploaded to Patient’s EMR in timeline. These medical data and Images will help specialist for accurate diagnosis of disease which will lead to efficient treatment.
B. Tele Video Consultation

With good telecommunication infrastructure, proper Tele-medical equipment and trained paramedical staff at Patient End Location, specialist consultant at higher center can diagnose, supervise, treat and generate e-prescription. Following services are covered in our Tele Video Consultation Module:

Face to Face Communication for History Taking
Clinical Assessment by Electronic Stethoscope
Electronic Vital Records
Evaluation of EMR and Past History
Review reports, images & loops of all previous investigations
Tele Assessment of Organs by different video scopes
C. Pathology

Pathology test are common most investigations. It adds great value when numeric data is available in graphical format. Any numeric value added to patient EMR generates various graphical display enabling clinicians to have an overview of particular parameter with minimal time.

Microscope Interface: Microscope has been interfaced with high quality digital camera. This enables laboratory technician at PEL to display microscopy field to a Pathologist available at higher center. Technician can demonstrate microscopy fields either in “Live“or “Stored & Forward” method. Pathologist can remotely report microscopy findings accurately. Pathology / Histo-pathology still Images & video can be captured & stored directly on patient’s EMR
Pathological Analyzer Interface: Various pathology equipments like cell counter, chemistry analyzer, electrolyte analyzer etc. are interfaced with system to send and receive patient measurement readings to generate various investigation reports. By eliminating human intervention, we are able to provide error free, quick and accurate pathology results.
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Web Based Tele-health Solution:

Web based Telemedicine Solution helps in archiving, managing, retrieving of medical data and provides a secured environment for communication amongst the members of the network. Communication services involve Live Monitoring, Video Consultation, Voice Conferencing and Medical Data Transfer.

The present solution addresses following conceptual requirements
Establishing Telemedicine Network
Associating Care Providers, Care Payers, Care Professionals and Patients to above network
Tele-Consultation, Tele-Diagnostics, e-Prescription and Central Registration of Patient
Archival / Retrieval of the Patient Data
Viewing of the Electronic Medical Records
Analytics based on the collected Medical Information
Components of Telemedicine Solution

Telemedicine System being offered by our company is meant for Store and Forward (SAF) or for Real-time access of medical information from anywhere anytime by an authorized user on any IT network and device. Our solution helps stakeholders by enabling them to provide time-saving, cost-saving and potentially life-saving services at distant locations. The solution also facilitates Continuous Monitoring of the patients of remote locations.