Pathology is the precise study and diagnosis of disease...
Pathology Lab

Hematology, Serology, Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Histopathology & Cytology. For all our test we use the best Infrastructure and equipments procured from some of the leading companies across the globe.

Bar coding procedure

Sample handling and transport to the laboratory determines the time to proper reporting. Samples at  are transported in disposable collection tubes. The disposable collection tubes are colour coded for plain / citrate / flouride / EDTA / Heparinised samples.Subsequently, patient specific barcode stickers are generated which also carry information about the specific tests to be run on the samples.


Phlebotomy at is done by experienced and trained phlebotomists, who wear gloves and collect blood samples aseptically. After the patient reports to the laboratory, patient specific barcode stickers are generated, stuck on the disposable, colour coded disposable collection devices, which are arranged according to the order of draw.Plebotomy is done as per the SOP'S on file after checking and confirming the patient's identity.Patient is prepared mentally and physically, before proceeding to draw sample. After collecting sample, the syringes and needles are destroyed as per standard procedure.

Disposable collection devices

Colour coded, disposable collection devices are used to collect and transport blood/serum/plasma samples.

The colour codes are as under:

Red top : plain
Blue top : Sodium citrate
Green top : Sodium heparin
Lavender top : Potassium EDTA
Grey top : Potassium oxalate and Sodium fluoride
Lemon yellow top : Acid citrate dextrose

Transport of samples is done at appropriate temperatures needed for the analyte in question.

Sample Packaging and transport

After collecting the samples in the disposable collection tubes for each patient, togther with the test requisition form, are sealed in separate zip lock bags for each patient. This has ease of transport and handling, self contains spillage, and prevents mix up of samples from different patients.

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