Tele Clinic
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MedicoDB-Tele-Clinics are Standard organizations established to provide health services to medical Practitioners and enable them to provide services from anywhere at any time using telemedicine technologies and e-health applications. We are the prime facilitator for those who which to take advantages of telemedicine.

Our expertise is in establishing, sales, installing, training and supporting telemedicine projects all around the nation. We provide complete telemedicine solution including consultancy and assistance for Telemedicine project.

Tele-Clinics are the e-therapy clinics have:
Many therapists, Consultants available online for Medical expertise,
Thorough screening of credentials by the e-clinic,
Excellent security to support the confidentiality of your online communication with your therapist.

The care you receive at a Tele-clinic is the same as the care you receive at a private practitioner’s.

Web Based (online) Integrated Telemedicine Software Solution ‘MedicoDB’ allow specialists to:

Keep track of all the patients registered for use with the Telemedicine System.
View the patients' health and medical records.
Patient data is centrally stored and retrieved from a secure database server.
Confidential and secure data transfer.
Inbuilt search engine to search patients, Reports.
Online consultation from Doctor to Doctor as well as from patient to doctor.
View the patients' consultations history.
Features of MedicoDB-Teleclinic:
User friendly interface facilitating doctors to navigate through the database.
Provide multi specialty health care to the common man at the most affordable cost.
Improved access to medical care for geographically and socio economically isolated patients.
Online diagnostic test reports.
Expert Tele-consultation among leading healthcare institutions and professionals in various specialties.
Structured investigation using clinical reports.
Standard communication protocols.
Case summary and Report generation such as Urine, Stool, Hematology and Biochemistry.
Extensive search and report generation modules.
Single point entry for operation through user name and password.
Central repository to keep the large patient data for backup.
Scalable to include all medical disciplines and specialties.
No installation requirements and no configuration needed.
Promote and spread medical education and training for the medical and paramedical staff.